A deep understanding of Turkish education system

Turkish education system consists of 4 stages. Fist stage is «Pre-school Education». Second stage is «Primary School Education». Third Stage is «Secondary Education». Fourth and last stage is «Higher Education». From first stage to last stage, subjects become hard and aim changes through stages.

The first stage, Pre-school, starts at the age of 3 and ends at the age of 6. Students are prepared for Primary School at this stage. «The purpose of this education is to ensure physical, mental and sensory development of children and the acquisition of good habits» such as being fair, saying truths always, being kind to other people, respect other people etc.
Students also learn to go to toilet alone, to wear their clothes by themselves, to eat by themselves. All of these things are teached by games and in an enjoyable and easy way because students are just a child in this stage.

The second stage, Primary Education, starts at the age of 6 and ends at the age of 14. This education is compulsory for every students in Turkey. The aim of this education is to give basic knowledge, improve skills of students, give education about how to be a good person, how to behave in a good way to become a good citizen. В Teachers prepare students for life.
Students also prepared for Secondary Education. At this stage of education, education is not about improving skills or about ensuring good behaviors or habits to students. The reason of this is that children have already learned these things. Teachers don not play games or such thing because mental of students is improved enough to understand things without playing games.

The third stage, Secondary Education, starts at the age of 14 and ends at the age of 18. The purpose of this education is to prepare students to life and to their jobs that they will choose according to their abilities and help them to decide which job they will chose in the future. In this education students are also given knowledge about culture and unites students at a common culture. Students also get awareness of social and individual problems and try to find solutions to these problems.

The fourth stage, Higher Education, starts after the age of 18. At this stage studentsВ are made to do research in scientific areas and explain these research. They search about scientific, cultural and technical problems and find solutions to these problems. Student do everything to improve science and technic and inform people about these improvements. Students must do research about increasing knowledge level of citizens about science.
To sum up, through the education stages, education becomes difficult and purpose of education becomes very different and more complex. Teaching methods change through stages for example, in pre-schoolВ education you play games with children but in higher education you use scientific explanations. Subjects become more complex, for example in the pre-school education you just try to improve abilities and skills of the students but in the primary education students are teached how to be a good citizen.